Boss KTN-ART 2 Katana Artist MkII 1x12" 100w Combo Amp Black

Color/Material: Black


(Item: 761294516386)
Boss KTN-ART 2 Katana Artist MkII 1x12" 100w Combo Amp Black: 100W Amplifier 1x12" Custom Waza Speaker 5 Amp Characters with 5 Variations 5 Onboard FX Categories 8 Recallable Tone Settings Phones/Record Output Aux Input and Footswitch Jack USB for Tone Central and DAW Recording Stereo Expand Switch 1 2 3 4 5 6 The premier model in the Katana lineup, the Boss Katana-Artist MkII Combo Amplifier is designed to provide guitarists with gig-ready rock tones while minimizing reliance on a pedalboard. Packing more features, tones, and effects than its predecessor, the amp offers 100W into a 1x12" speaker cabinet, making it suitable for use in midsized venues and practicing at home.

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