Boss KTN-50 Mark II Katana 50wt. 1x12 Combo Mark II



(Item: 761294516188)
Boss KTN-50 Mark II Katana 50wt. 1x12 Combo Mark II: The Katana offers five amp characters with tones ranging from organic vintage to modern high gain; Clean is natural and transparent, Crunch offers a small amount of grit, Lead has a wide gain range to suit many styles, Brown delivers a refined high-gain tone, and the Acoustic character provides a tonality geared toward acoustic/electric guitars Pedalboard Sounds without the Pedalboard Via BOSS's Tone Central, you can choose from 58 effects to load 15 different modules into the amp at any one time, using three of them simultaneously; two Tone Settings let you store custom amp and effects setups for instant recall, and you can always jump to the current panel settings at the touch of a button Footswitching Possibilities External control is possible with an input for an optional footswitch and expression pedal Intuitive Operation Dedicated knobs for multiple gain stages and the three-band EQ allow you to dial in tones by ear, just as you would with a standard tube amp; essential effects parameters are adjusted with a simple knob twist, and Tone Setting memories can be stored with a brief button hold Power Control A Power Control selector lets you reduce wattage, allowing you to lower the volume for home-playing without sacrificing tone Computer Connectivity You can send mix-ready sound to your DAW via the USB port, recording directly to your computer, without having to take an analog DI Tone Central & Tone Studio The Katana gives you access to Tone Central and Tone Studio; Tone Central provides a plethora of free amp and effect setups created by seasoned professionals and downloadable by you, while Tone Studio gives you a convenient way to organize your Katana presets for different gigs, recordings, and practice sessions Notable Features 50W combo amplifier 1x12" speaker Five distinct amp characters: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic/electric guitars) Full-time channel and global parametric EQs for refined tone shaping Three Cabinet Resonance types adjust the interaction between the amp’s output section and speaker, enabling you to fine-tune the feel and tone of the amp Cabinet simulation on the line, USB, and phones/recording outputs enhanced with three Air Feel settings for adding depth and dimension to direct tones Reverb section supports delay and delay-plus-reverb, in addition to reverb only Choose from 58 customizable effects with BOSS Tone Studio editor software Store 15 different effects on board, with three effects available at once Dedicated gain, EQ, and effects controls for adjusting sounds quickly Four Tone Setting memories for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings Power Control for achieving cranked-up tones at low volumes USB jack provides mix-ready direct tones Preset effects available at the BOSS Tone Central website Built-in tilt stand

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