Rent to Rock at Hoffman Music in Spokane

Rent Acoustic or Electric Drums, Guitars, Basses, and Digital Pianos at Hoffman Music in Spokane!

Not only do we rent band & string instruments, but we also make renting guitars, basses, drums, and digital pianos affordable & easy! 

*Below is our selection for starter/beginner packs. Other instruments/brands are also available at or near these rates.

Electronic Drums: Behringer XD80-USB Electronic Drum Set - $45 per month
(includes headphones, drum throne & pair of sticks)

Acoustic Drums: Percussion Plus Blue, Black or Red 5 PC - $45 per month
(includes cymbals, drum throne, pair of sticks and stands included)

Digital Piano: Yamaha P-45 Keyboard - $40 per month
(includes gig bag, stand, & bench)

Acoustic Guitar: Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar & gig bag - $35 per month

Electric Guitar: Fender Squier Strat Pack - $45 per month
(includes amp, gig bag, strap, stand, picks & cable)

Electric Bass Guitar: Fender Squier Bass Pack - $45 per month
(includes amp, gig bag, strap, stand, picks & cable)

  • All paid rent applies towards the purchase of rented items
  • No finance charges
  • Free routine maintenance included
  • Optional annual insurance available
  • Other item rates may vary
  • On approved credit (O.A.C.)

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