Zoom ZH1NVP Stereo Bundle Digital Audio Recorder



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Zoom ZH1NVP Stereo Bundle Digital Audio Recorder: The H1n is the ultimate take-anywhere recorder for every creator’s gear bag. Its X/Y microphones capture high-quality stereo sound, supporting up to 24-bit/96 kHz. Now the H1n-VP includes a padded shell case, micro USB cable, AD-17 Power Adapter and foam windscreen, giving creators more flexibility and value than ever before. This recorder can be used with our H2dM hydrophone for personal monitoring and recording with headphones. The headphone / line output can also be connected to the AUX input of your marine stereo. Sound from the external microphone (hydrophone) input can be monitored even while not recording. Use this as a simple microphone preamp aboard your wildlife-watching vessel so your customers can hear cetaceans and other underwater sound though the boat's audio system and have the added benefit of capturing those sounds in high-fidelity at the push of a button.

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