Yamaha YTR-8335IIRS .459 Xeno Silvr Trpt

Color/Material: Silver
Case Status: No Case or Bag


(Item: 10728335)
Yamaha YTR-8335IIRS .459 Xeno Silvr Trpt: Key: Bb Level: Professional Finish: Silver-plated Bore: Medium-Large, 0.459" Bell: 4.9", 1-piece Bell Material: Yellow Brass Leadpipe: Reversed Valves: Monel Alloy Pistons Mouthpiece: 16C4 Additional Features: Heavy Weight Pro-level Bb trumpet that's equally suitable for symphonic and jazz applications Heavy reversed leadpipe offers smooth resistance and airflow, along with a rich, harmonic-laden tone 0.459-inch bore elicits a larger-than-life sound that doesn't smear or break up when you push it hard Rugged monel alloy valves yield smooth action and resistance to impact damage, moisture, and air leaks Extra-thin valve casing and modified branch tube (knuckle) angle ensure a snappy response and free-blowing feel First slide button makes fine-tuning your blowing resistance a breeze 1-piece, 4.9-inch, yellow brass bell exhibits an agile response and a huge, warm sound Annealed bell design facilitates a powerful tonal core, spot-on slotting, and enhanced upper-register playability Silver-plated finish lends a brilliant sheen to every note you play Water key gutter supplies optimum resistance, with curled spring ends for maximum response Comes with a double case with backpack straps and a TR-16C4 mouthpiece

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