WalrusAudio SLOER Stereo Ambient Reverb Blue Guitar Effects Pedal



(Item: 810424034990)
WalrusAudio SLOER Stereo Ambient Reverb Blue Guitar Effects Pedal: Pedal Type: Reverb Analog/Digital: Digital Presets: 3 x Onboard Effects: Dream, Light, Rain, Dark, Rise Inputs: 2 x 1/4" (Mono/L, Stereo/R) Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (Mono/L, Stereo/R) Bypass Switching: Buffered Power Source: 9V DC (100mA) power supply (sold separately) Height: 2.25" Width: 4.79" Depth: 3.62" Builds upon Walrus Audio’s modern-classic Slö reverb pedal with new reverb algorithms, extended modulation capabilities, and drastically enhanced utility features 5 ethereal reverb algorithms to choose from: 3 from the Slö and the addition of a high octave shimmer (Light) and an echo-laden delay tap diffusion (Rain) X control unlocks algorithm-specific parameters to tweak your tone 3-position Width switch to set the scale of your stereo field Sustain footswitch unlocks a momentary (latching in Dream) ramp-up effect that descends when released Adjustable trails mode allows you to swap between an instantaneous cutoff or a smooth trail decay when the pedal is disengaged Hold down the Bypass switch when the pedal is disengaged to momentarily activate the current reverb setting Access your favorite presets by stomping on the Bypass and Sustain switches simultaneously Adjustable sample rate to further tweak your sound

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