Vic Firth MTS1 Corpsmaster Tenor Drum Sticks (Pair)



(Item: 750795016853)
Vic Firth MTS1 Corpsmaster Tenor Drum Sticks (Pair): Strong, Responsive Hickory Medium Tapers 0.625" Flattened Oval Nylon Beads Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: 0.680" Pulls Lots of Sound From Drums ITEM DETAILS Vic Firth MTS1 Corpsmaster Marching Tenor Sticks feature an ovaloid nylon tip that gets a full sound out of the drum head with a particularly cutting high timbre - which is often necessary to keep the middle voice present in a full battery sound. The tip also rebounds easily off the head, making diddles and sweeps that much easier to perform. Length: 16.25" Diameter: 0.680"

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