Speedtech SW8-75 8-inch Speed Wrap Cable Tie



(Item: 53100469)
Speedtech SW8-75 8-inch Speed Wrap Cable Tie: Speedtech employs a proprietary method for custom printing. This superior printing process yields the Printed Cable Ties offer a reusable and adjustable fastening solution with a wider body for heavier cords and can be permanently attached to any cord by the addition of a plastic cable tie through the cinch slot. Popular with large audio and video cables, they are also a great giveaway to promote your business. The self-gripping tie’s unique design enables the user to quickly wrap the tie around an object and then onto itself for a secure hold. This versatile, flexible, heavy duty tie is easy to use and reuse, gentle on wires and has thousands of applications. SPEEDWRAP® back-to-back cable ties are laminated without adhesives so there is no chemical residue to seep out and the product will not delaminate during use. These industrial grade ties can be cycled (opened and closed) hundreds of times.

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