Seymour Duncan 119992-02 Active Bass Preamp 2 Band For Passive



(Item: 800315004676)
Seymour Duncan 119992-02 Active Bass Preamp 2 Band For Passive: a high-headroom, low-noise, 2-band (STC-2P) active onboard EQ preamp for use with passive pickups. Each active bass preamp comes with high-quality potentiometers on a pre-wired harness, battery clip, and knurled black dome-style knobs. The STC-2P, designed for passive pickups, features concentric bass and treble controls, a master volume, a blend control, and our proprietary Slap Switch. The treble control can produce a wide ranging, extremely usable response that is brilliant, yet smooth without being brittle. The bass can be reduced to tighten up a boomy instrument, or it can be increased to add warmth and punch. The Slap Switch is a pushpull located on the volume control. Pulling up on the volume knob will engage the special EQ contour voiced specifically for slap playing. The two small trim pots on the circuit board can be tweaked to preset the slap contour EQ just the way you want.

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