US B&O Supply VG-1R Rovner Van Gogh Clarinet Ligature

by Rovner
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US B&O Supply VG-1R Rovner Van Gogh Clarinet Ligature: The prodigious Van Gogh (both sizeable and marvellous) is for the woodwind artist ready to experience a unique approach that facilitates freedom of expression, putting the player in control of the ultimate sound. Neutral in tone, the Van Gogh responds to simple adjustments that help the player paint exactly the musical picture he or she wishes to share with the audience. Lively and strong for the colourful klezmer piece, passionate and dark for the most demanding orchestral piece, smooth and sweet for a jazzy love song, the Van Gogh is a masterpiece of a ligature that can do it all. Features: A NEW ligature for the woodwind artist! Offers a BIG but controllable sound Grasps entire heel of reed, eliminating "pinch points" that restrict vibration Excellent intonation, response, projection and articulation Adjustable tone...freedom from the paradigm of dark or bright Supports and stabilizes without mashing the reed, yet grips firmly, eliminating reed shift Prevents reed warp...never be caught off-guard again! Includes a Rovner cap Made in the USA!