Rovner L3 Hard Rubber Light Soprano Saxophone Ligature

by Rovner
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Rovner L3 Hard Rubber Light Soprano Saxophone Ligature: Rovner Light ligatures incorporate an old idea for creating natural sound... softly holding the reed to the mouthpiece with no pressure points, just as if the reed were tied on with a string. Fits most hard rubber alto and some tenor and bari sax mouthpieces. Rovner Ligatures also greatly improve reed playability. Reeds that are totally unplayable on other ligatures will often perform well with the Rovner. The ability of the Rovner Ligature to extend reed life is unparalleled. More rigid ligatures actually hammer the cane fibers during vibration, eventually destroying the reed's tonal vibrancy. Not so with Rovner; most players find their reeds will play until the tips finally succumb to fatigue and fall apart!Selecting A Rovner Ligature Due to the design of the Rovner ligatures, they fit a wide range of mouthpieces. FEATURES Free playing for modern styles No pressure points Adjustable fit cap