Roland E-4 Voice Tweaker



(Item: 761294518830)
Roland E-4 Voice Tweaker: Vocal performance tool with powerful voice transformer effects Instantly shape the sound with pitch and formant sliders Advanced vocal effects including Auto Pitch, harmony and vocoder Dial up unique rhythmic effects with the Scatter knob Process the sound output with high-quality reverb, echo, tempo delay and chorus effects Low-cut filter and noise gate to eliminate unwanted sounds 24-second looper with unlimited overdubbing, undo/redo and automatic BPM detection Supports external MIDI control of pitch, harmony and vocoder functions 1/4" mic input with wide-ranging gain control Headphones output with support for an inline mic Comprehensive connectivity with audio, MIDI and sync I/O plus Aira Link Class-compliant USB-C audio/MIDI interface – no drivers needed Lithium-ion battery with up to 3.5 hours of operation per charge Sturdy construction and robust controls

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