Rogers RP100 Dyno Matic Bass Drum Pedal



(Item: 4718981466956)
Rogers RP100 Dyno Matic Bass Drum Pedal: The Rogers Dyno-Matic Single Bass Drum Pedal is a tribute to its classic predecessor the Swivo-Matic but is updated for the 21st century with loads of user-friendly and precision-oriented features. A height adjustor axle assembly lets you fit this pedal for any bass drum from 18" - 30" in diameter. The double-sided beater can quickly be flipped from rounded plastic to dense felt in order to fit the music genre. An independent axle release lets you position the beater how close or far from the head you want it and the raised tension adjust allows you to easily reach down and tighten or loosen the pedal resistance even while you are playing!

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