Remo 16" Vintage Emperor Coated VE-0116-00 Drumhead



(Item: 757242491096)
Remo 16" Vintage Emperor Coated VE-0116-00 Drumhead: A reissue of the first Remo Emperor drumhead that changed the art of drumming in the late 1960s. Constructed of 2 plies of 7.5mm polyester films, they feature the sensitivity and snare response of the Coated Emperor, accentuated mid and low frequencies and increased durability. Remo Vintage Ambassador 16" Coated Batter Drumhead Features: Faithful to original Weatherking Ambassador from 1957 7.5-mil and 3-mil plies Warmer, fatter, and more controlled than today's coated Ambassadors Sounds somewhere between a coated Ambassador and a coated Emperor Improved durability for the road A timeless sound for toms and snares

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