Remo P3-1322-CT-SMOH 22" P3 Colortone Smoke Drum Head



(Item: 757242628799)
Remo P3-1322-CT-SMOH 22" P3 Colortone Smoke Drum Head: The perfect match for your Remo Powerstroke P3 Colortone batter head 5-inch port simplifies miking and muffling 10-mil Mylar film with overtone-neutralizing 10-mil control ring Looks great in matched or mixed color configurations Tinted to match classic acrylic drum kits Skyndeep technology infuses pigment directly into the film Batter/Resonant: Resonant Size: 22" Clear/Coated: Clear Smoke Thickness: 10mil (1-ply) with Underlay Ring Port Hole: 5" Manufacturer Part Number: P3-1322-CT-SMOH

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