Remo BE-0813-MP 13" Suede Emperor Batter Crimplock Drumhead



(Item: 757242404386)
Remo BE-0813-MP 13" Suede Emperor Batter Crimplock Drumhead: Two Plies 7.5-mil Treated Mylar (15-mil Total) Fairly Bright Moderate-to-Long Sustain High Durability Handles Extreme Tensions ITEM DETAILS Remo Emperor Suede Heads are made from two 7.5-mil plies of specially-treated Mylar, giving you a sound with lots of brightness and a pretty long sustain, combined with great durability. These heads can take a beating. The Crimplock profiled hoop design provides better tuning capability at higher tensions. The outer edge of the hoop is profiled over the glue channel, creating rigidity and higher strength.

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