Puresound S1330 13" Super 30 Marching Snare Drum Wire



(Item: 046716576675)
Puresound S1330 13" Super 30 Marching Snare Drum Wire: The Super 30 Series from Puresound uses the same steel-alloy wires, handcrafted construction methods and exclusive copper end clips as the Custom Series in a 30-strand format designed to increase snare response and articulation. Compared to other wide-format snare wires, the PureSound Super 30 wires are able to create a distinctive and penetrating sound without choking the drum or sacrificing its feel. Additionally, the Super 30 snare wire needs only a slightly wider than normal (3 to 3.5 inch) snare bed for optimum performance. FEATURES 30-strand Medium-gauge Evenly spaced Professional quality premium-grade steel-alloy wires Handcrafted construction Exclusively bent, copper-colored end clips

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