pro-mark PW2BN Oak 2B Nylon Drum Sticks (Pair)

by pro-mark
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pro-mark PW2BN Oak 2B Nylon Drum Sticks (Pair): Dense, Powerful Oak Short Tapers Nylon Oval Beads Length: 16" Diameter: 0.630" For Heavy Hitters ITEM DETAILS Pro-Mark PW2BN Oak Nylon Tip Drumsticks are a heavier general purpose stick for rock, heavy pop and country or just practicing on your pad. Heavier than its Hickory counterpart. Length: 16" Diameter: 0.630" Japanese White Oak Nylon Tip Pro-Mark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks Pro-Mark was the first drumstick company to introduce oak drumsticks to drummers in United States, and remains the only drumstick maker to offer Shira Kashi oak drumsticks continuously since 1957. No other oak drumstick can match the sound quality and superior craftsmanship of the Pro-Mark original. Japanese white oak offers unsurpassed strength and durability. Extremely dense, it resists chipping and "wearing soft" when compared to other types of wood.