On Stage 11049 RS4000 Tiltback Guitar Amp Stand - Black

Color/Material: Black


(Item: 659814925742)
On Stage 11049 RS4000 Tiltback Guitar Amp Stand - Black: A Smart Way to Care for Your Amp - and Improve Tone! Enhance your guitar tone and hear yourself better at the same time with the On-Stage Stands RS4000 combo amplifier stand. Whether you play guitar, bass, or keyboard, you can't cheat physics - if your amplifier is sitting right on the floor or stage, you're losing tone. Sound vibrations get transferred to the surface your amplifier is sitting on, deadening your sound. Put your combo amplifier on the RS4000 amp stand and you'll notice a subtle but significant tightening of low frequencies, as well as a more focused sound. And the tilt-back design angles your amp towards your ears, helping you hear yourself better at gigs. Elevate your amplifier with the RS4000 combo amp stand - you'll hear the difference. On-Stage Stands RS4000 Combo Amplifier Stand Features at a Glance: Tilt-back stand for medium to large combo amplifiers, with an easily transportable folding design By decoupling your amp from the floor or stage, your tone will become more focused with a tightening of low-frequency response Weight capacity up to 100 lbs., plenty for small- and medium-size combo amps Rugged 3/4" steel tube construction finished with a black powdered coat 14" upper arm length 8" lower arm length 12" x 8" footprint

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