Ludwig 14" Snare Drum Kit with Rolling Bag

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(Item: 20200777)
Ludwig 14" Snare Drum Kit with Rolling Bag: Ludwig's UFO Drum Kit features the Acrolite snare drum with Black Galaxy finish and Weather Master drumheads. Kit includes a Speedex rubber practice pad, adjustable snare stand, drum key, drumsticks and a durable double-wall molded plastic case with compartments. Specifications LM300: 5" x 14" Chrome Steel with P82 Rocker strainer, Seamed shell with Ludwig Classic center bead, 8 lugs LM404 Snare: LM404 Acrolite: 5" x 14" Size Black Galaxy Finish 2mm Steel Hoops Internal Tone Control 14" Weather Master Med. Coated Drumhead P85 Supra-Phonic Strainer, 8 lugs LM720 Snare: 5 1/2" x 14" Chrome Steel Accent, 8 lugs LR719 Snare: 6 1/2" x 14" Chrome Steel, P82 Rocker strainer, 2mm steel hoops, internal tone control, 8 lugs Practice Pad and Sticks: Kits include L381 Speedex Practice Pad and one pair of Ludwig 2B Drumsticks Rolling Bag: Also includes wheels and a telescoping handle Stand: LC621SS Classic medium weight, single braced Standard Bag: L242 Backpack: Multi-Compartment; Black

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