Ludwig L7342AXNMWC Classic Oak Fab 3pc Acoustic Drum Set Vintage White Marine

Color/Material: Vintage White Marine


(Item: L7342AXNMWC)
Ludwig L7342AXNMWC Classic Oak Fab 3pc Acoustic Drum Set Vintage White Marine: Old-World Craftsmanship Builds Today’s Sound - Take Over with Ludwig Classic Oak Drums The latest from Ludwig, the Classic Oak, is built off of their Oak shell formula that has captivated professionals for the last decade. The cross-over Oak/Maple design offers a rich tone that is balanced, focused, and loud. With exciting new finishes and configurable options, Classic Oak now joins its counterpart, Classic Maple, to deliver a dynamic professional drum set. The Secret Is In The Oak and Maple Shells 5-ply, 6.5mm cross-over shell: 3-ply maple core with American red oak inner and outer plies. This is a proprietary Ludwig design not traditional to most Oak builds. The maple add's more control and low-end to the Oak to produce a more well-rounded tone as opposed to a straight Oak shell. Razor Sharp Bearing Edges Provide Maximum Tone and Sustain Dual 45-degree bearing edge for added focus, attach, and tuning control. A 3-ply maple core is used at this shell's core for the apex of the bearing edge for even head to edge contact. The oak inner/outer plies maximize attack and stick definition for a sound with dark presence and sculpted definition. Blending aggressive attack and dark tones with quick even decay. Classic Oak is ideal for settings where volume, attack, and control are of the utmost priority. Note: This is a Shell Pack Only. Pictured Snare Drum, Stands, and Cymbals are Sold Separately.

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