LP Latin LP1-5 Standard Flex-A-Tone

by LP Latin
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LP Latin LP1-5 Standard Flex-A-Tone: Create spooky sound effects and unique percussion textures with the LP Flex-A-Tone! The LP1-5 brings the singing saw sound to a single hand, featuring a flexible steel soundboard that shifts in pitch as you bend it with your thumb. No sticks or mallets are required — the LP Flex-A-Tone's dual wood beaters strike the instrument as you shake it. The Flex-A-Tone's one-handed design makes it a convenient addition to percussion ensembles where players have multiple parts to cover. For an instrument that pushes the envelope on a classic get the LP Flex-A-Tone. LP Flex-A-Tone Features: Create spooky sound effects and distinctive percussion textures Brings the singing saw sound to a single hand Bend pitches with your thumb Wooden beaters strike the soundboard as you shake it Model LP1-5