Kremona UK-2 KNA Ukulele Pickup W/Volume



(Item: 617353858846)
Kremona UK-2 KNA Ukulele Pickup W/Volume: UK-1 makes it simple to reproduce the authentic sound of your uke without modification. Simply slide the UK-1 onto the tie block and retighten the strings. UK-1 fits most soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles with a tie block. This passive piezo system is designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or colored via your preamp of preference. Weight: 3.1g / 0.109oz Overall length: 74?? / 2,91" Height / jack housing: 9mm / 0.35" Active element measurements - Length: 55mm / 2.17" Width: 7.75mm / 0.31" Thickness: 1.5mm ± 0.05mm 0.059" ± 0.002" Wood: White beech Maximum Impedance: 500 ?

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