Kaman KMC Music Supply 2117 Plastic Guitar Bridge Saddle



(Item: 0812536)
Kaman KMC Music Supply 2117 Plastic Guitar Bridge Saddle: Real buffalo bone saddle and nut, which can offer a better tone than plastic. Buffalo bone saddle size: 72mmX3mmx9mm; Buffalo bone nut size: 42.5mmX6mmX8.5mm. Sand Paper (Upgraded of grinding stone): 9 pcs (3 pcs 320 grit, 6 pcs 240 grit). For polish saddle, nut, string and so on. Clean cloth: 145mm*177mm. Package include:1 pcs Guitar bone nut, 1 pcs Guitar bone saddle, 9 pcs sand paper, 1 pcs guitar clean cloth.

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