Hosa MIT-176 Pig Tail Microphone Impedance Transformer Black

by Hosa
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This item is located at our Hoffman Pro Systems store at 440 W Sharp Spokane WA 99201. For personalized assistance call us at 509-462-8000 / 1-888-289-6266 / sales@hoffmanprosystems.com (Open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat.)

All Hosa MIDI cables are wired 5-Pin discrete. All five pins are connected. Perfect for all MIDI transmissions, including sysex. Model number and lengths: MID-403 (3 ft.) MID-405 (5 ft.) MID-410 (10 ft.) MID-415 (15 ft.) MID-420 (20 ft.) MID-425 (25 ft.) Impedance Transformer, XLR3F to 1/4 in TS, 6 in