Hosa CRA-203 9.9' Two RCA Male-Two Cable Black

Color/Material: Black


(Item: 728736010079)
Hosa CRA-203 9.9' Two RCA Male-Two Cable Black: Dual Audio Interconnect: RCA Male to RCA Male. Heavy-Duty cabling. The CRA-200 Series features Hosa's own injection-molded terminations for outstanding performance and durability. Great for Left and Right audio applications. Model number and lengths: CRA-201 (1m | 3.3 ft.) CRA-202 (2m | 6.6 ft.) CRA-203 (3m | 9.9 ft.) CRA-204 (4m | 13.2 ft.) CRA-206 (6m | 20 ft.) Stereo Interconnect, Dual RCA to Same, 3 m

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