Hosa CFS-106 Molded Right-Angle 1/4-1/4 Adapter Black

Color/Material: Black


(Item: 728736014114)
Hosa CFS-106 Molded Right-Angle 1/4-1/4 Adapter Black: ANALOG BUCKET BRIGADE – The MXR M234 pedal uses bucket-brigade technology to produce classic echo and effects like flanging and double-tracking. TONE SCULPTING – This chorus pedal features High and Low knobs for controlling the amount of frequency cut. 2 OUTPUTS – The compact unit has two outputs for a wide and sweeping spread. The Thru Output jack engages the stereo mode. A Mono Output is also available. SMALL FOOTPRINT – The M234 can fit into any pedalboard easily with its small, compact design. Housed in a rigid aluminum chassis, this chorus pedal is ready for any roadshow.

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