Gibraltar SC-BCSA Boom Cymbal Stacker



(Item: 736021584808)
Gibraltar SC-BCSA Boom Cymbal Stacker: Like their namesake, Gibraltar products are known for their solid reliability. They stand the test of time GÇö and life on the road! So when you're looking for rock-solid hardware and dependable accessories for your kit, do what many other drummers do: put your faith in Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Boom Cymbal Stacker Attachment lets you place just about any two cymbals one above the other GÇö with an 8" boom-angle extender between them GÇö giving you more freedom of expression without having to add another cymbal stand to your rig. Cymbal felts are included for your convenience, and the Cymbal Stacker Attachment's mount fits on most 6mm and 8mm cymbal stand tilters for secure, flexible cymbal positioning. Gibraltar Boom Cymbal Stacker Attachment Features: Boom cymbal stacker lets you place 2 cymbals of nearly any size in close proximity without a stand 8" boom-angle extender connects upper and lower cymbal for flexible positioning Mount fits on most 6mm and 8mm tilters

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