Gator GX-33 Bag for 5 Mics, 3 Stands, and Cables Pro Audio Bag



(Item: 716408500744)
Gator GX-33 Bag for 5 Mics, 3 Stands, and Cables Pro Audio Bag: Mic Stand & Mic Carrying Bag! Are you tired of carrying your microphones around in a beat up old suitcase your aunt gave you for your high school graduation? How about mic stands, what if you could carry THREE at the same time? Welcome to the GX-33! Gator's GX-33 padded bag holds an amazing five (5) Mics and three (3) mic stands - at the SAME TIME! Gator GX-33 Features: Includes zippered accessory pocket that expands. Made from high-density Nylon. Mic section has 5 mic drops made from thick form-fitted foam. Interior Dimensions: Interior Length: 43.00" Interior Width: 8.00" Interior Height: 8.00" Heavy-duty Nylon Webbing Handles Three Separate Compartments Carrying Strap Limited Lifetime Warranty Padded Bag for 5 Mics, 3 Stands, & Cables; 43"X8"X8"

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