Fox C#2 C Bore #2 Bassoon Bocal



(Item: 15401122)
Fox C#2 C Bore #2 Bassoon Bocal: Fox bocals are standard equipment with all Fox and Renard Bassoons and will enhance the performance of other bassoons. C Bore bocals are excellent for school instruments. Often the most important part of the instrument, a bocal can dominate the response, resistance, and tone of the bassoon. It affects the overall pitch of the instrument as well as the relative intonation, and it should be selected with the same care that one would use to acquire the instrument itself. Even a mediocre bassoon may have a reasonably good sound and scale if it is properly fitted with a good professional bocal. It is generally advisable to try a professional bocal on your instrument if it has wild notes in the middle register, or if the intonation or tone is not uniform in the middle or upper registers. It is also advisable to try a Fox bocal just to hear the improvement in the sound and freedom of blowing the instrument.

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