Fishman ACC-LBX-FSW Loudbox Dual Guitar Amp Footswitch



(Item: 605609149329)
Fishman ACC-LBX-FSW Loudbox Dual Guitar Amp Footswitch: Make live performances easier with the Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch. Designed for use with the Fishman Loudbox Artist and 700 amplifiers, this footswitch gives you hands free control of mute functions. Button 1 lets you mute both input channels, but not the Aux input, for switching instruments, silent tuning, or taking breaks. Button 2 mutes the amp's built-in effects functions. This rugged pedal sports a built-in cable that connects to the amp. Use the Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch to take command of your performance. Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch Features: Dual-button footswitch for Fishman Loudbox Artist and 700 amplifiers Button 1 mutes both input channels, but lets the Aux input function Button 2 mutes the effects functions Lighted indicators let you know when the switch is engaged Rugged footswitch case with attached cable

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