Evans BD22EMAD 22" EMAD Batter Bass Drumhead Clear

Color/Material: Clear


(Item: 019954935023)
Evans BD22EMAD 22" EMAD Batter Bass Drumhead Clear: EMAD -- Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping Bass Drumhead
The EMAD comes with 2 dampening rings, each of which affects the head's sound and pedal response. This external system not only maximizes natural attack characteristics and offers tremendous dynamic range (even at low dynamic levels where other damping systems fall short), it also allows quick, easy adjustments -- without having to remove the head from the drum. This unique feature is extremely valuable, especially during recording sessions.

Configuration: Clear, plastic damping sleeve on external side holds 1/2 in. thick foam damping rings (included -- choice of 1/2 in. or 1-1/2 in. wide)

Thickness: Single Ply (10 mil)

Sound: Aggressive attack, moderately or extremely focused (player's choice)

Resonance: Warm, tremendous low end

Application: General use, all applications

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