Evans B12EC2S 12" EC2 Coated SST Drumhead



(Item: 019954960728)
Evans B12EC2S 12" EC2 Coated SST Drumhead: Two Plies 7-mil Film (14-mil Total) Dampened Overtones Focused Pitch Extremely Clear Attack Highly Durable ITEM DETAILS This Evans EC2S Frosted Head features an Edge Control ring around the outside that boosts articulation and focus by dampening unwanted overtones. They're durable thanks to their construction: two-plies of 7-mil film. EC2S Frosted heads are great for rock, funk, and all heavier styles of play because of the extremely clear attack and pre-EQ'd sound. The textured surface of this head makes it responsive to brushes, enhancing low frequencies for a slightly darker sound than a clear head. Edge Control Rings are sized according to head diameter to provide the same level of dampening.

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