Evans B10UV1 Drumhead



(Item: 019954209490)
Evans B10UV1 Drumhead: OVERVIEW Single Ply 10-mil Film Won't Chip, Flake, or Wear Down Enhanced Texture for Louder Brushwork Stretch and Dent Resistant 360-Degree Technology Flesh Hoop ITEM DETAILS Evans UV1 Drum Heads were designed in response to drummers complaining about their old coated heads chipping, flaking, and wearing out. The coating is applied through a special ultraviolet light-cured treatment that makes it last much longer than traditional coating methods. The texture on this 10" head is more pronounced than on traditional coated heads, making it easy for your brushes to create louder sweeps. The underlying single ply of 10-mil film provides plenty of durability, with dent- and stretch-resistant characteristics. It provides a warm timbre. The 360-degree technology flesh hoop sits flat on your drum so even tuning is a breeze.

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