DW DRVD5514SVCBK Black Satin Over Brass Snare 5.5x14



(Item: DRVD5514SVCBK)
DW DRVD5514SVCBK Black Satin Over Brass Snare 5.5x14: Benefiting from a thin industry-standard 1mm shell and featuring a striking satin finish, the Collector’s Series Satin Black Over Brass snare drum is a powerful addition to this versatile line. Ideal for a broad spectrum of styles and genres, it offers a classic studio brass snare sound and a signature brightness and cut with a decidedly metallic tonal characteristic. Customize it with any available DW Custom Shop drum hardware color. 1mm rolled brass shell DW MAG throw-off system 3-P Butt Plate True Pitch tension rods 3.0 Steel True Hoops

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