DW DRDHCC13 13" Drumhead Clear Coated

Color/Material: Clear Coated


(Item: 647139100067)
DW DRDHCC13 13" Drumhead Clear Coated: Get your DW toms sounding their best with DW Coated/Clear drumheads by Remo. You may recognize Coated/Clears as the stock batter heads on DW Collector's Series and Performance Series drums - so if you're looking to recapture the magic of the first time you played your kit, this is your chance! This hybrid head provides the "wet" attack and full resonance of a clear head, but with a coated silkscreened edge to provide just the right amount of overtone damping without sounding choked. DW Coated/Clear heads feature Remo's glued-channel crimped aluminum flesh hoops, which help to transfer the maximal vibrational energy between the head and drum and also keep the heads from pulling out through high tensioning.

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