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Cool Music JT Juratex Cool Guitar Pick: Produces full, rich tone, with super-fast rebound properties Features a fine sand-textured Accu-Grip that does not damp the full, rich tone of the pick 1.00mm thickness Juratex was the first guitar pick to be played while in Earth orbit on shuttle missions XI & XIII. It was selected for its reliability and positive gripping. There is nothing worse than having loose picks floating around on the flight deck of the orbiter. Juratex picks have also been nominated to be the official pick of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad,August 2004 in Athens. The Secret: The positive grip of the Juratex textured picks are made with a special exotic blend of Bermuda sand and a Dilithium crystal compound which will energize guitar players of all ability levels. The playing body of the pick is made of Acetyl - Polymer that has great tonal & playing qualities…fast attack and great rebound off the strings. You can even file down those little pesky hangnails before the gig. If the Borg got their hands on these picks they might just take over our solar system. Juratex is powerful. It can make your playing go! Once you put your hands on a Juratex pick, "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE". Get your hands on a Juratex® Sand Textured accu-grip today. Practical & COOL!

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