Catalinbread TOPANGA Spring Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal



(Item: 853710004215)
Catalinbread TOPANGA Spring Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal: The self-avowed gearheads at Catalinbread focus on making musical devices that they want to use themselves — "gear that gets us excited and inspires us to play." The result of that authentic focus and unwavering integrity is the type of innovation that isn't market-driven; Catalinbread creates its own market for products players love, whether overdrive, delay/reverb, fuzz/distortion, or tremolo/modulation pedals. The Topanga Spring Reverb Pedal is a powerful example of Catalinbread's commitment to exciting, inspiring innovation. Full-on surf rock spring reverb unit in pedal form with Mix, Tone, Dwell, and Volume controls Authentic old school sound, including all the drip, clang, flutter, and splash of 1960s tanks Mix control can be set to 100% wet — something vintage units can't do Volume controls the discrete preamp for extra clean boost when you want it

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