Catalinbread Sabbracadabra Guitar Effect Pedal



(Item: 853710004239)
Catalinbread Sabbracadabra Guitar Effect Pedal: Gain, Presence, and Volume 4 are all important controls in shaping your sound, but it's the Sabbra's Range knob that provides the greatest diversity in tone. With it, you can mod the treble-boost section of the circuit, ending up anywhere from dedicated treble boost to full-range boost. The Range control is continuously variable to match whatever response range or vibe you're going for, so don't be afraid to experiment. And don't forget the impact your guitar's onboard controls will have on the sound. The Sabbra Cadabra, like most Catalinbread pedals, is engineered to take full advantage of your guitar's pots and pickup selector and let you rule new realms of creativity. Based on Tony Iommi's modded Rangemaster treble boost fed into Laney Supergroup amps Transforms your setup into the "rig of doom" — even at eardrum-friendly volumes Range control lets you choose frequency response from treble-only boost to full-range boost All-metal chassis and high-quality true-bypass footswitch for long-lasting performance

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