Bach 3416HA 1/2A LG Shank Trombone Mouthpiece



(Item: 641064002274)
Bach 3416HA 1/2A LG Shank Trombone Mouthpiece: Medium deep cup depth 25.40 mm cup diameter Medium wide, well-rounded rim Requires a well-developed embouchure Features fine Bach craftsmanship Model No. / Depth of Cup / Approx. Cup Dia. / Rim Shape / Throat / Backbore / Description 1G / Deep / 28.00 mm Among the largest and most powerful bass trombone mouthpieces produced today. 1-1/4G / Deep / 27.50 mm / Medium thin, well rounded. 0.276" / 429 / Cup diameter is smaller than No.1G, but still very large and deep, with the sonority preferred by the modern American school. 1 - 1/4

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