PA & Backline Rentals

Hoffman Music has a complete Audio Rental department to suit almost any need, from a small PA to a complete professional sound system. 

Please email for any reservations or questions or call 509-444-4140 (Option #2).  

Have a wedding, special event or party that you need a small sound system for?  We have everything you'll to make it a success!

We also have a fleet of backline rental guitars, basses, keyboards, microphones, wireless mics, amplifiers and all the accessories you'd need to get 'em goin'.  If you have musician friends coming in from out of town, or you got a gig in Spokane, no worries!  We've got you covered for your short-term rental needs!

*Below is a sample selection of some of our systems and estimated cost. Let us know what you are looking for and we can put together the best package for you.

View our entire collection of rentals here.

PA Systems: Large System - $200 per day; Medium System - $150 per day; Small System - $135 per day.

Mixers: Mackie 808M 8ch 450x2@4 ohms w/FX - $45 per day; Mackie SR2.4 24x4x2 - $40 per day; Mackie CFX 12 - $30 per day.

Speakers: JBL MRX525 w/ Slip Cover - $65 per day; Mackie SRS1500 Active 600w Subwoofer - $45 per day; JBL EON G2 Active Speaker 300w/100w - $45 per day; Speaker Stands - $10 each per day.

Microphones, Wireless Headsets & Lapel: Shure ULX PRO UHF Lapel Wireless - $55 per day; Crown PZM Stage Microphone - $20 per day; Pro37r Condenser Microphone - $15 per day; Shure SM58-LC - $10 per day; Tripod Mic Stand - $5 per stand per day.

Power Amps: Crown XTi4000 w/ Road Case - $40 per day; Mackie M-1400I 700@2ohm Stereo w/Rack - $35 per day.

Lighting System: American DJ- Mega Par Profile System W/foot switch - $40 per day.

Guitar Amps: Marshall JCM 900 100wt w/Vrb w/Roadcase  - $50 per day; Fender Twins 100wt w/Roadcase - $50 per day; Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 60wts w/Roadcase - $45 per day.

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic - $45 per day; Fender super Mexi strat w/ gig bag - $30 per day; Takamine EG523SCB Jumbo Black - $45 per day.

Bass Guitars: Fender Am. Std. P-Bass w/Hard Case - $40 per day; Fender Standard Jazz Bass w/Hard case - $30 per day.

Drums: DW 7-PC Drum Kit w/Stands & Cymbals  - $200 per day; 6-PC Yamaha Maple Custom w/Cymbal, Stand, Case - $180 per day; Ludwig 5-piece Drum Kit - $135 per day.

Keyboards: Yamaha Motif ES-8 Keyboard w/case - $95 per day; Kurzweil PC88MX 88-key w/Case & Pedal - $70 per day; XK-2 Hammond Keyboard w/case - $60 per day; Dual-Tier Keyboard X-Stand - $12 per day; Keyboard Bench - $9 per day.

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