Jakob Winter 9645RD Techleather Violin Case 4/4 Red



(Item: 9645RD)
Jakob Winter 9645RD Techleather Violin Case 4/4 Red: Size: 4/4 Weight: 1.60 kg Exterior Features: Material technology developed to create an artificial leather No use of toxic glues due to One-Shot press technique Shock resistant hard cover Water repellent and weather resistant Lightweight build to maximize low weight and optimized for easy-carry Two easy-access locks Backpack system with 2 carrying straps Comfortable non-slip soft handle Interior Features: Inside lining consists of high quality, eco-friendly cotton velvet Odorless inside as no toxic glues are used Polystyrene insert for optimal protection Suspension system for shock protection Accessory pocket 2 Hill-style bow holders Interior Measurements (cm): Instrument length: 60.5 Body length: 36.5 Upper bout: 17.3 Lower bout: 21.3 Height above bout: 10.9 Exterior Measurements (cm): Length: 80.5 Width: 28 Height: 13.8 *All measurements are in kg and cm

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