Tama IP52KCMNB Imperialstar 5pc Acoustic Drum Kit - Midnight



(Item: 20113999)
Tama IP52KCMNB Imperialstar 5pc Acoustic Drum Kit - Midnight: Better performance through precision bearing edges Bearing edges play a big part in how your drums sound and tune up over time. Fortunately, TAMA's edge-cutting process produces clean bearing edges on all Imperialstar shells. The result is that drums ring true, with a wide tuning range and sensitive playing dynamics to suit most styles of music. TAMA Imperialstar 5-piece Drum Kit Features: A great-playing drum kit at an affordable price Sizes: 10" and 12" toms, 14" floor tom, 18" kick drum, and 13" snare Includes cymbals, stands, pedal, and throne — just add drumsticks Poplar shells offer natural warmth and balanced dynamics Precision bearing edges enhance sensitivity, tuning range, and resonance 360° glued wrap finishes eliminate buzzing and lifting Quality Meinl HCS cymbal pack includes 14" hi-hats and an 18" crash-ride Iron Cobra 200 kick pedal plays fast and smooth Stage Master stands are stable and easy to customize HT25 drum throne is comfortable beyond its price point

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