Aquarian TCSK10-22 22" Superkick 10 CTD Drum Head



(Item: 659007011177)
Aquarian TCSK10-22 22" Superkick 10 CTD Drum Head: The Aquarian 22" Superkick 10 Series Bass Drum Head features two ply of 10 mil film with a texture coated surface. In addition Aquarian includes a free floating narrow felt muffle ring that moves and breathes with the drumhead and reduces annoying overtones while enhancing the low-end with a well-defined, punchy sound. This heavy drum head controls and tightens up the sound of larger deep bass drums. Two-10mil, Vacuum Molded Plies Added durability and low-end punch Floating Muffle Ring for Tone and Resonance Control White texture coating for added warmth

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