Instrument Rentals Spokane Washington | Hoffman Music

Looking to rent an instrument?

Hoffman Music serves Spokane and surrounding areas with easy and affordable instrument rental and lease plans for your student's school music education. 

We offer the best prices, the most convenience and the most peace of mind.

When you rent with us, your payments can be applied towards the purchase of the instrument you’re renting.

Your rental agreement also includes FREE routine maintenance and we offer an optional Replacement Insurance Plan.

Getting started is super easy: just download and fill out our application form (Rental PDF form) and bring or email it to us.



Brass and Woodwind instrument rentals include: Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Cornet, Trombone and Percussion Kits begin at $27 per month or $185 for school year lease.  

Orchestra String instrument rentals include: Violin and Viola and begin at $27 per month or $185 for school year lease.  

Cellos & Alto Saxophones, rent is $47 per month or $350 for the school year lease.  

Other rental instrument rates vary for Soprano, Tenor, Baritone Saxophones, Piccolo, Oboe, Baritone, Euphonium, French Horn,  Upright/String Bass.  (call for rates)

Give us a call and talk to a real person about your rental needs today: 509-444-4140

or toll free: 1-800-769-3949



How is my rental paid?
Your rental is auto-charged monthly to your provided credit or debit card.

Is there a deposit required?
No. All we require is the first month’s rent at the initial time of rental.

How can I stop my rental?
Simply return the instrument to our store.

How do I change my credit or debit card information attached to my rental agreement?
You may change your information by either calling our rental department (509-444-4140 or 1-800-769-3949 or stop by our store and we’ll make the change in person.

 My child decided to play another instrument from the one I rented. Can I come in and exchange it?
Yes. It happens. Come on in!

What if the instrument I’m renting breaks or needs adjusting?
Routine maintenance is included at no charge with all rental instruments.  Negligent damage is not covered

Do I need to make an appointment to bring in an instrument for repair?
No. You’re welcome to come in at any time.

Are there other items I should purchase with the rental?
We recommend cleaning supplies to keep the instrument in good shape; extra reeds for the woodwinds, polish cloth for the stringed instruments, oil/lube for the brass, extra sticks/mallets for percussion, a school band book and a music stand.

Is maintenance really free with my rental?
Routine maintenance is included at no charge with all rental instruments

Replacement Insurance is available
Covers fire and theft and accidental damage, (with deductible)
Negligent damage is not covered

Can I really apply the rent I’ve paid to purchasing the instrument?
Yes! Our rental plan includes a purchase option