Zildjian Z40520 Z Custom 20" Ride Cymbal

by Zildjian
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Zildjian Z40520 Z Custom 20" Ride Cymbal: Designed using computer-driven hammering, the bronze Zildjian Z Custom 20-inch Power Ride cymbal offers increased sound projection. This cymbal is designed to handle the pressure of driving, heavy music. With a smart stick definition, the design and functionality of this Zildjian Power Ride cymbal help produce rich sound ideal for live concerts. It speak with a bright, penetrating voice with state-of-the-art hammering, an exciting look, and enhanced sound. This Custom Ride cymbal also provides a well-defined stick sound. Alloy: 80% copper, 20% tin, traces of silver Exclusive computer-controlled Z Custom hammering with unique hammer shapes Fine lathing pattern of narrow, symmetrical grooves Explodes with vitality Bright, piercing, pronounced volume