Zildjian K1235 15" K Custom Hybrid Trash Crash Cymbal

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Zildjian K1235 15" K Custom Hybrid Trash Crash Cymbal: The K Custom Hybrid Trash Crash from Zildjian offers a thin special effect cymbal that can be used within any percussion setup. The Hybrid Trash design starts with a cone shaped bell that along with the entire center portion of the cymbal is unlathed and comes with a brilliant finish. As with all other K Custom Hybrid cymbals, the outer area is finished with traditional lathing, but with a very thin taper. It is randomly hammered very heavily throughout with additional "under-hammering" near the outer edge to establish an increased "bend" for the final one inch of the cymbal's bow. All of these elements work together to help create a dirty and trashy body of overtones that has an extremely fast response and quick decay time.

Designed by of one of Japan's top drummers, Akira Jimbo, the Hybrid line continues to expand and be one of Zildjian's most successful cymbal lines.

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Trash Crash Features:

Thin weight
Dirty, trashy overtones
Unlathed cone shaped bell
Center portion is unlathed with brilliant finish
Outer area is finished with traditional lathing
Randomly hammered very heavily throughout
Additional "under-hammering" near the outer edge

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