Yamaha YCR-2330II Short Cornet

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Yamaha YCR-2330II Short Cornet: Key: Bb Bore: .462-inch Leadpipe: Standard Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass Bell: 4-3/4-inch Pluzuma Welded Bell Material: Yellow Brass Valves: Nickel-Plated Piston 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring Features: Shepherd's Crook Short Model Design Case: YAC CRC-2310U Woodshell Mouthpiece: Yamaha CR11E4 Short Shank Finish: Lacquer, Silverfor a virtually seamless bell whih allows continuous even vibrations. Nickel silver at stress points. Nickel silver is a very strong material, and when used at stress points, makes the instrument far more durable. Delrin one-piece valve guides. Delrin one-piece valve guides are durable and quieter than metal valve guides. Large bore and large bell. Combining the large bore and large bell makes the student cornet free-blowing with a voluminous sound. Available features: The YCR-2330II cornet is available with a first valve slide thumbhook and a silver-plated finish. Specifications: width="125", Standard Key Bore ML: 0.462" Bell Diameter 4 3/4" Leadpipe ; Yellow brass. Body Material Yellow brass Bell MaterialYellow brass; Pluzuma welded Weight MediumKey Buttons Finish Gold epoxy lacquer;Silver (YCR-2330IIS)Pistons / ValvesNickel-plated Mouthpiece 11E4 FeaturesShepard's crook bend

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