Yamaha SBP8F3NW Stage Custom Bop Acoustic Drum Set

by Yamaha
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Yamaha SBP8F3NW Stage Custom Bop Acoustic Drum Set: From the DNA of Yamaha's world-famous Recording Custom comes the all-birch Yamaha Stage Custom Bebop shell pack. This little kit is perfect for jazz, hip-hop, and light session work. Its thin 100% birch shells, in vibey bop sizes and complete with low-mass lugs and a lacquer finish, are free to resonate with warm, clear tones. Yet players of all stripes will revel in the birch's crisp snap and dry, cutting crack. Whether you're looking for an authentic bop kit or a travel-friendly stage companion, the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Bebop shell pack aims to please. Fun bop sizes (depth x diameter): 8x12" tom, 13x14" floor tom, 15x18" kick drum