Yamaha RM-AVFC Snare Drum Vest Carrier

by Yamaha
(Item: 22767379)
Yamaha RM-AVFC Snare Drum Vest Carrier: The Yamaha RM-ABS-S Monoposto Snare Drum Carrier is a state of the art carrier that delivers an unlimited range of adjustments to fit players of any age and any size. The Articulating Back Support (ABS) is the first and only carrier to promote spinal alignment The MAY Contour Hinge Carriers offer the best sizing, flexibility and ergonomic design. By using hinge technology, these carriers become one with the player and remain secure and durable enough to be used through the daily rigors of marching field drills. Say Goodbye to J-Rods! These carriers incorporate freedom of movement, allowing elaborate maneuvers that are essential to any contemporary band performance. In addition, with their mounting posts and drop and lock features, consistent with Stadium Hardware, MAY Monoposto and Biposto Carriers provide stability and easy adjustment on the fly. They also deliver a limitless range of playing positions for all drummers, regardless of their height or drum size.